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Well, there are three types of headlights namely;

  • LED

In this blog we will exhaust on halogen and xenon headlights;

xenon lights are a set of lighting arrays which uses xenon bulbs instead of traditional halogen ones. They are known to be the brightest you can get for your car ,often confused for high-beam lights. They are typically efficient ;use low energy and they last  longer.

Halogen headlights are named after a group of gas elements (the halogens) which are used inside them .The primary function of a halogen gas is extended the life of the tungsten filament but more on that later.

They are cheap and easy to replace in the event of failure. They also have poor energy efficiency.

Fittings ;

Are they interchangeable?

Xenon HIDs won’t fit into spaces  that are designed for halogens and vice versa.

Well, the bulbs are interchangeable and the only difference is that for xenon bulb they tend to produce less lights and they last longer unlike halogen bulbs which can become very hot.

Please note that if you visit any car dealer and you’re looking to purchase a new car ,they may give you an option to have a xenon headlight to upgrade the vehicle so therefore below are the benefits of the xenon lights and why it’s mostly preferred;


  • They are twice brighter than halogens hence the biggest benefit is safety(suitable for night drivers)
  • They last longer compared to halogen headlights
  • They offer lower energy usage.
  • They cast light in a wide range


  • COSTLY—xenon lights are  more expensive compared to halogens because you must pay an extra cost for these kits as well as installation costs if you are not a mechanic.
  • CAUSES GLARE—Due to the brightness of the xenon lighting, it may cause a lot of glare in the mirrors of the other drivers.