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Here’s what you need to know about the pro’s and con’s of car  window tinting and what the law says

Car window tinting is used on vehicles, whether private or professional, but do you know why? The installation of protective film on your personal car or on your construction equipment brings a lot of advantages and also disadvantages

Here are the advantages

  1. Your leather remains intact simply because the tint filters the UV
  2. it keeps the cabin cool in case of heat since a majority of sunrays do not enter the car
  3. the installation of the tinted windows tend to strengthen the glass hence protecting you from external aggression
  4. The resale of a car can be much more easy as for  some buyers it will be a plus
  5. Privacy- tinted windows are ideal for keeping a certain intimacy ,you can drive or do your personal activities without being seen
  6. Security- tinted windows are a sure way not to attract thieves into your car because they cannot have a view of the interior incase you want to leave your things  in the car

The disadvantages;

  • Visibility especially at night can be clearly reduced.Hence too dangerous to drive
  • If a law is passed soon you may have to remove everything.

Car windscreen and  window tinting  law in kenya

Each state or county is able to define its own laws on an allowable shade limit. The generally accepted limits are 50% for the driver’s and passenger’s front window and 35% for the rear passenger or the side windows and the rear window.

  • 50% window shade

50% of the tint prevent the available light from reaching the interior of the car. It is a great option to block heat and ultraviolet rays.

  • 35% window shade

Thirty-five percent shade is the maximum allowed by the laws of many states.

  • 20% of the shade of the window

The tint of the window at twenty percent is also called “Factory Tint”. Windows tinted at the time of manufacturing of the car usually have a tint of 15% to 26%.

  • 5% of the window tint

5% of shade is also called “Limo Tint”. This shade only allows in 5% of the available light. Now you know tinted car windows types & laws in Kenya . As of now you better understand, tinting automotive windows is also reduce the risk of overheating and bright