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It’s important to know as a car owner that keeping your oil low can cause your car to breakdown.Engine oil is the lifeblood of the engine.

Always check your engine and look it up every two weeks.For the smooth running of your car you should ensure that your engine gets sufficient oil.

The oil helps in:

>keeping the engine clean

>prevents dirt from building up

>stops overheating of the engine

>Acts as a lubricant

i)Ensure your engine is cool

make sure your engine is cool before moving to the next steps

II)Keep your car level parked

park your car where the ground is level,Parking your in a steep ground could result to showing incorrect engine oil levels.

III)check the yellow dipstick in your engine

once you’ve opened the bonnet you’ll see a yellow coloured dipsticks that would be in the centre of the engine

pull it off and wipe it with a clean cloth

once you’ve cleaned it,put it back and then pull it out after a couple of second

The ideal oil mark should be between the maximum and minimum mark.

Iv)The oil filter cap

you can top it up using the oil filter cap .You’ll find near the dipstick .Remember to be careful not to spill the oil in the other parts of the engine.

check your oil few weeks afterwards and if your oil is dirty ,change it.

If its low ,top it up.

please note its important not to change the grade of your oil.