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Engine computer is a device that monitors and controls all essential vehicle functions;keeping tabs on everything and making sure it’s all running smoothly.

Like all modern computers, the one in your car depends on tons (in modern cars up to 50) of microprocessors to give it the computing power it needs to control all these functions. And as cars get more and more advanced, the number of microprocessors required increases. Innovations and developments in newer cars that require an increase in microprocessors include:

  • The need for sophisticated engine controls to meet emissions and fuel-economy standards
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Simplification of the manufacture and design of cars
  • Reduction of the amount of wiring in cars
  • New safety features
  • New comfort and convenience features

Functions of  an engine computer

  • Regulate fuel injectors
  • Control the spark plugs
  • Adapt the idle speed
  • Notify the driver of a problem with the “Check Engine” light
  • Monitor the ignition system
  • Deliver electrical commands to the transmission and camshaft systems

In a nutshell, your car’s computer both independently controls and coordinates the different parts of your engine so that they work together in the most efficient way, given the constantly changing environmental and driving conditions.

Signs and symptoms of  a faulty engine computer

  • Inability to start  the vehicle
  • Poor engine efficiency
  • Inefficient fuel economy
  • Warning light
  • Engine shuts off