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Fuel gauges are fairly simple mechanisms. They point to “E” when the tank is nearly empty and “F” when it’s full. At least, until it doesn’t. Then you’re left in the dark, guessing how many miles you can squeeze from the last remaining droplet of fuel before the car sputters to a halt along the side of the road. 

The fuel gauge displays the information that is conveyed from the fuel sending unit, which is attached to/on/in the fuel tank. Based on that information, an analog gauge will move a needle up and down across a dial or a digital gauge will display a set number of bars that show how much fuel is left. When the tank switches to its reserves, it will prompt a fuel light to display.

Analogue fuel gage
digital fuel gauge

There’s also  an arrow next to the fuel indicator that tells you which side your tank is located from the driver’s perspective. In case you experience problems  locating where your tank is in a petrol station, please check which side your arrow is pointing.

Always check this arrow to know which side your fuel tank is located