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We normally experience unusual smoke from the exhaust pipes of our car ,we would love to let you know that we have diffrent smoke colors and each depicts a different problem and solution.

normally drivers experience four types of smokes smoke

2.white smoke

3.Gray smoke

4.Blue smoke

white smoke

The white smoke usually indicate a coolant leak which could be caused by Overheating which can put your engine at a risk of damage

how to fix it?

you can fix it by replacing your head gasket or opting for head gasket repair to seal the leak.

black smoke

black smoke from the exhaust means you’re burning fuel excessively which would require you to take your car for an inspection

some possible reason include:

(i) A clogged air filter

(ii) A clogged injector

(iii)clogged fuel return line

Gray smoke

just like the white smoke,gray smoke can be difficult to diagnose directly.The following could be some of the possible cause of the gray exhaust:

A bad turbo charger

An isssue with thw automatic transmission fluid

A stuck PCV pipe

A faulty transmission vacuum modulator

excessive oil consumption

A bad turbo charger

Blue smoke

One reason your car may be experiencing blue smoke coming from the exhaust could be that your engine is burning oil. If the valve guide’s seals or piston rings are worn out, the oil will leak into the combustion chamber which in turn will burn.

When blue smoke is seen coming from the exhaust system, you must check your oil and continue to monitor your car’s oil consumption regularly. If the damage is extensive, the problem could be complex and expensive to repair. However, a minimal leak could be handled with ease by managing the oil and topping it off regularly.

Either way your car needs full inspection.

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